Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Very CUte Blog

I just came across some cute Brown Bear activities that would've gone great with my lessons last week. Oh well, I'm sure we'll come across Brown Bear again sometime this year! Check out her blog Cole's Little Pups. Also, we had "Bb" week last week and had a lesson on blowing bubbles with bubble gum. My sweeties forgot to throw their bubble gum away before they got on the bus so "you know who" got in trouble, but it was ok. I loved seeing them try to blow bubbles. We made a graph with small faces, but I just saw Mrs. Lee's pictures and I just might have to go back and make these. I'll post pictures of my graph tomorrow. Have a great week.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Word Family Sorts

I grabbed these 2 sorts from A Teeny Tiny Tearcher. I made a flipchart to do whole group before I send my kiddiesto their seats to try it on their own. I am not sure how to upload the flipcart, but just leave a comment if you'd like it emailed and I will try that. I am looking at Promethean Planet to open an account, but until then, I will be glad to just email the flipcharts. Happy Teaching!!