Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lesson learned...

It's been a while. I'm new at this blogging stuff and I keep forgeting to take pictures but I am trying to remember to snap more. I love seeing pictures on blogs. So helpful!! Anyway, my kinders have been working hard for the last couple of weeks and time has just flown by.
In trying to explain my tiltle - "lesson learned", I need to tell you that we have been trying to hatch chicken eggs for about 2 weeks now in my classroom and my kids are growing very fond of the egg in our room. Well, on Friday morning - yes we had school on Good Friday because of make-up snow days :(, my precious, lilttle, innocent students walked into homeroom and saw me placing some eggs into a pot which was right next to our incubator full of chicken eggs. They didn't say a lot, just asked a few questions about what I was doing. As they unpacked and got settled in, I explained that we were going to boil the eggs ("boil": a new vocabulary word for most my kid) and dye the eggs ("dye": another new vocabulary words for most my kids). Realizing that they did not know what "boil" or "dye" meant, I explained to them that we would first cook, or boil, the eggs and then we would dye, or color, the eggs. I also told them that we would crack the eggs open at the end of the day and eat the egg. Instead of a great roar of excitement (like I had anticipated), coming from the mouths of my 6 year olds - all I got was silence - literally. As I put the last egg into the now boiling water, one brave little boy raised his hands and said to me "But Mrs. Richards, why are we killing our chickens?" I then realized that they thought I was using our baby chicken eggs for Easter. The lesson learned - "Don't hatch eggs the same week as boiling eggs. I am positive that some of my kinders still think we cooked and ate some of our chicken eggs. Poor kids!!
Here are a few things we did. We wrote about Peter Rabbit and what we would do if we were him - I think the idea came forom Mrs. Lee's bog. (Wonderful bog!!)

We also wrote about our "Blooming Friendships" in our classroom.(from anoter blog but a mixture of several). I think "Luv to Teach K" blog was where the writing idea came

Here is our Easter egg hunt and a picture of my kids dying eggs. Over 1/2 my class had never dyed eggs before. It was nice spending Good Friday with my kids. We really enjoyed our day.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Butterfly Math

Some activities to use with Spring.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Letter E

A teacher at my school did both f these activities and I thought they were so cute. I loved the elephants with Letter E words on the trunks. I was hoping to think of all 5 vowels with animals but haven't figured it out yet :). The windsock used patterned streamers and designed with the same pattern strips.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Little Red

We worked on maps and globes last week. We read several versions of Little Red Riding Hood and mapped out her walk to her grandma's house from each story. We did several othere things with these books, but I forgot to take pictures :( . did get a snapshot of our writings though. We wrote about our grandma or "someone special" that we like to go visit and made a Little Red to hold the story. I kinda made up the pattern but TLC does have a cuter one.