Thursday, June 16, 2011

Calendar Time

I love my flipchart calendar. I would love to add a "question of the day" or a "math talk" page to the flipchart so that we not only do our calendar and calendar binders but also review something different during our calendar time each week. The kids LOVE the calendar binders and really surprised me this year when we started them. I had tried calendar binders the year before and threw them out because they were SO time consuming at first. But this year, I created a flipchart with each page of the calendar binder in it and the kids were able to follow along EASILY. It was wonderful. The flipchart made all the difference in the world with my calendar binders. I used Jessica Meacham's calendar pages and saved them as a word doc. Then I went back and copy and pasted each page into a flipchart. Some of the pages had to be adjusted once they were pasted into the flipchart but they all worked. I love her calendar pages but this year I am mixing hers and Kim Adsit's calendar pages together. (I tried linking you to Kim's TpT site but the website is acting crazy. Just click on her TpT link and look for her calendar book stuff.) Her stuff is great. I wouldn't mind posting my flipchart from last year to Promethean Planet for anyone who wants it. I am assuming since Jessica Meacham's pages are posted on her website she wouldn't mind me using them in a flipchart. I will find out for sure before I upload it if anyone shows an interest. I also hung my old calendar on my board beside my activboard along with the with the straws so my sweeties could do calendar whenever I had a sub or if I was ever having trouble with technology - imagine that - right? Our calendar helper for the week filled in the old calendar with date and "today, tommorow, and yesterday" cards while the activboard calendar was done together with different kids each day. I also had a basket of manipulatives, number cards, tens frames, and so on for time fillers or math talks. Calendar time can get too long if you try to do too much though. The binders kept the kids attention and also allowed for a lot of "math talk" amoong their peers as they helped the neighbors with the binders. I had my coins, days of the week, and months of the year hung on the wall right beside the old calendar as a simple math word wall for the kids. I wish I had pictures but it is really a very simple set up.


Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

Thanks for linking up with me. Great info.
Ms. A

Tanya Solano said...

Heeelllloooo Donna! I'm so happy I found your blog! Thanks for the calendar binder info-I've been considering this but have been a little hesitant. I will be sure to check out Kim's TPT page and Jessica's blog for more information.

Happy Summer!

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