Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help with Google docs

As you can tell by my earlier post - I can't figure out how to put a picture of the google doc. into my posts. I have forgotten :(. Any help???

Sight Words Mania

I have been working on sight words for my NEW "Word Wall" - yay. I took the idea from Kim Adsit's website and tweeked it to work for my classroom. She has a free download explaining to use several different color cardstock to print the words on so that you have different colored words under each letter. For example, when a student asks for a certain waord you can tell them to look at the "red" word under letter "a". I think this will be great for my kinders. I made my own sheets to print out using the words we introduce at our school. We really don't have a "program" that we have to use, but we have used Cindy Cupp in the past and these are the words that follow her "Hop-n-Pop" portion. I have these in word and would be glad to email them if anyone wants to change the words. I printed 2 sets so that I can use them in my "Working on Words" or "Working on Writing" stations. I am hoping tom implement Daily 5 this year but that is a whole new post :) Enjoy!