Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help with Google docs

As you can tell by my earlier post - I can't figure out how to put a picture of the google doc. into my posts. I have forgotten :(. Any help???


Tammy said...

You know, I can't get Google Docs to work either. I use scribd. Sorry! I will keep an eye on this post to see if you get an answer :-)
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Busy Bees said...

I would love to help you too, but Google Docs gave us fits so we use Scribd, too. I will keep checking back to see if you get the answer. Good luck!!

Tess said...

Hi Donna- This has nothing to do with Google Docs- I saw a comment you left on another blog about organizing your library. You mentioned you wanted to put your books in excel so you could look them up...I wanted to let you know I discovered last year as I struggled with my classroom library. It's great - You use the ISBN numbers to enter your books (very little typing) It's online so you can share you library titles with others and best of all you can export it to excel - Enter the number, click on the book, add notes (I entered GR levels and # of copies). My greatest discovery last year!!

Miss H said...

If you have a Mac, press Command, Control, 4 at the same time, then drag it across what you want to take a pic of. If you don't have a Mac, I have no idea. Good luck!

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