Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Cat in the Hat's" Week

We were working on Days of the Week last week. I read Cookie's Week and we wrote about our favorite part. After discussing the mess that Cookie made, we thought about what kind of mess the Cat in the Hat would make at our school if he came for a visit one week. All my kids drew pictures for each day so they would have a "plan" because I knew this writing could take a while. The next day, they pulled out their "plan" and began writing their own book. They were so funny with the things the Cat would mess up. Boy, they thought the Cat in the Hat would be WILD! One of my sweet little boys did write that on Friday, Cat would clean up all his mess. :) One group chose only 1 day and they made their own book as a group, and the others are still working. They are really enjoying this activity. I will post some of the finished books soon.

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