Monday, March 14, 2011

Stamp some teeth

I got this idea from Mrs. Lee's blog. The kids used q-tips and painted a certain number of teeth in each mouth. The kids really liked this. This will be a very simple activity to work into any theme. Next week I hope to put it in the independent math station. They should be able to do this without too much mess.

Please Brush Your Teeth!

We did a quick writing activity on convincing a younger sibling or friend to always brush their teeth. The sparkling teeth have really caught everyone's eyes.

Brag time...

My oldest daughter, Maddie, is turning 16 years old tomorrow. Sad but exciting - no more running all over Dalton with 15 kids in the car, no more shuttles to sporting events, dances, parties, church, trips to the store for "a snack she really needs tomorrow morning", ...... Like I said, sad but exciting!!! Happy Birthday Maddie!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Build a rainbow

To get a jump start on St. Patrick's Day, we made these rainbows. They had to cut out the circles and then glue them together. They were very simple and look really cute hanging from the ceiling.

Brush Your Teeth, Please

We are doing an experiment about brushing our teeth from a unit I bought from First Grade Parade. The kids love this science experiment. They are observing 2 different eggs in coke and tea. I am going to do a writing activity on Friday - hopefully :)!! I will post pictures.

"Cat in the Hat's" Week

We were working on Days of the Week last week. I read Cookie's Week and we wrote about our favorite part. After discussing the mess that Cookie made, we thought about what kind of mess the Cat in the Hat would make at our school if he came for a visit one week. All my kids drew pictures for each day so they would have a "plan" because I knew this writing could take a while. The next day, they pulled out their "plan" and began writing their own book. They were so funny with the things the Cat would mess up. Boy, they thought the Cat in the Hat would be WILD! One of my sweet little boys did write that on Friday, Cat would clean up all his mess. :) One group chose only 1 day and they made their own book as a group, and the others are still working. They are really enjoying this activity. I will post some of the finished books soon.

A few little things

Well, I thought I'd actually share something that is my own idea - I think. (It's hard to think for myself when everybody has so many neat things out there.) Anyway - I was at the Dollar Tree and found these ice "cubes". They are plastic cubes that are full of water. I thought I could make different dice for my students to use. The regular,wooden dice are just so dang loud when they land on the tables from about 4 feet up.:) These should be a little quieter, as long as they don't burst. (The foam ones might not be that expensive, but these are yours to customize.) I plan on using a marker to add either numbers, sight words, or letters. Hope your not shopping in Dalton cause I bought them all :)